Winter Special Offer

$99 for 5 weeks of bootcamp

signup before till 30/8/19

Special Winter Offer

Are you a runner or want to start running/moving your body and actually enjoy it?


Fitness is fun is a bootcamp and running group designed to help you get moving and enjoy running and fitness. We currently have a super special Winter offer and would love for you to join us: 

Where:  Woodstock School


why you should join us

Most people can make themselves get out for a run, but that is only a small part of becoming a runner

  • You need to enjoy it to keep it up, be part of a community of fantastic ladies that are like-minded and welcoming

  • You need to learn the skills and techniques to run light and easily

  • You need to build the body ready to go the distance

  • You need to limber up those joints and muscles so you can move freely


So, if you are a runner or want to be a runner, ask yourself if:

  1. You use to run but lost your mojo

  2. You want to run your first 5km event none stop

  3. When you run, you get injured

  4. You hate the thought of a gym and wouldn’t know what to do there, but running can get a bit boring on your own, and it can get a bit monotonous


Fitness is Fun is designed to remove these issues. I have been in all 4 of these categories over the years, so I retrained, pulled together the key areas needed to boost running and designed Fitness is Fun.

hi, i'm anna

I I have been working on getting the balance right with running and training for years, and after 6 years of experience and research as a certified personal trainer & run coach, I've found the perfect balance.

Strength, Mobility, Technique, and Motivation

Fitness is Fun is a bootcamp style programme based in Hamilton tailored to suit those interested in run training. It combines strength and speed training with stretching and mobility to prevent injury.  It's a fun and social way of training that helps people to become fitter, faster, stronger runners. 


jayne tankersley

The desire to Create the building blocks that will hold me together when I’m 80. Or 90 or 100. That, and all the girls rock

jackie van den berg

I come along because of the variety, supportive environment, accountability and always leaving with a smile. The sweat each session is worth it when I make it to the top of a mountain, have the energy for an extra run down the mountain on a snowboard, do an adventure race with friends and I'm looking forward to running round the playground with Blake.

kerry duffy

Oh I love the people, we have such fun (sometimes too much, if there is such a thing). I love being outdoors because it makes me feel hardcore 🤙. I love how good I feel afterwards 😁

emily douglas

All the happy faces. The banter. And I know I will get at least 2 good workouts in a week...a great foundation for whatever else im doing.

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about us

Fitness is Fun isn’t just a training programme; it’s a community of like-minded, busy women who:

  • Enjoy running (no matter what distance)

  • Have a goal to become better, faster, stronger runners

  • Are ready to ditch the injuries and pain

  • Are looking to add more to their run training programme

Fitness is Fun bridges the gap for runners, allowing them to enjoy running with the motivation, support, prevention and fixing of injuries; giving you the confidence needed to run further and faster.

When it comes to the training, we provide varied, enjoyable workouts, that are tailored to suit your needs. Our small group sessions mean our knowledgeable trainers can focus on giving you the attention you need, it allows us to get to know you, and push you to your best abilities. Our sessions are a mix of high intensity and strength, mobility and stretching and fundamental movements.