About Us

Anna Armstrong -
  • REPs Registered Personal Trainer since 2012
  • Studio Pilates Matwork Cert
  • Run Coach and technique specialist
    Passionate Runner
  • Founder of Fitness is Fun

Yes there is plenty of reasons why we should be exercising, but if you aren't having fun why you do it, you aren't going to keep it up. Fitness is usually done in our time, our valuable free time, so if you aren't loving it why would you keep it up.

Fitness is Fun is a extension of what I believe in for myself, and attracting and surrounding myself with people that have the same out look is what I love about what I do. Finding enjoyment in living a healthy lifestyle, making running more interesting, improving running so you can run easier, further and faster.


Running is my passion and is a skill like any other sport, you need to learn how to move, you need to move properly, you need to learn how to handle intensity so you can move faster and further. Our group trainings are designed to provide the mobility, strength training, stretching to make running ore enjoyable.


It does not matter what fitness you enjoy, but fitness is great for the mind and body. When the mind and body feel great the rest of the ducks line up in a row. You feel more positive, you have more energy, you feel proud of your achievements, you make new friends, you feel like eating healthier, you feel more confident, you feel motivated and you feel happier.


I took the big step and retrained as a Personal Trainer in 2012 at AUT in Auckland, and it was a great decision, I am constantly learning more, and get more excited about how much more I can keep learning, the industry is constantly growing and I am in the business of 'making people feel happy and positive!' What could be better?

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Nathan Lardelli -
  • REPs Registered Personal Trainer since 2012
  • Functional Movement Specialist certified
  • Hockey enthusiast
  • Our Movement, mobility and activation specialist
  • Our Heavey lifting and Olympic lifting specialist
Sue Hunter -
  • REPs Registered Personal Trainer
  • ZUU Silver certified
    Mace training certified
  • Les Mills Personal Trainer
  • Amazing and inspiring Ultra Runner
Vaughan Mitchell
  • Certified Personal Trainer
    areas of passion:
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Weight lifting
  • Movement