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Build your confidence, strength, and endurance with our outdoor bootcamps

Getting older is not an excuse, get your body moving to keep you younger and healthier for longer. Some of our best clients in the 40s and 50s are stronger now than when they were in their 20s.

You’ll find us training Monday to Friday every week (rain, hail or shine!).
Check out our class styles below to see what an average week looks like for the Fitness is Fun team

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Learn how to move properly with resistance while improving your mental, physical strength and capabilities. This is the most popular session because of how fulfilled and proud of yourself you feel after!

Exciting!! Record numbers today as the popularity for our mid morning group rises, caterin


Let’s get you puffing with cardio sessions that are designed to build your physical fitness and mental strength, while also supporting muscle toning and weight loss. Ramp up your fitness to realise you were much more capable than you thought possible, and maybe gain the confidence to enter an event! 


High Intensity Interval Training

These workouts are a great chance to push yourself and maximise your gains! Increase your endurance, burn excess calories more speedily with short bursts of intensive exercise. There are plenty of rests in between exercises to make this achievable and afterward, you will be rushing with endorphins!



Strengthen and tone your core muscles with our pilates-inspired session. The exercises we focus on here are excellent for building correct movement and engagement of muscles. Improving your mobility, stability, and flexibility and helping reduce the chance of injury.

Our Current Timetable

Fitness is Fun's owner Anna Armstrong

Hi! I'm Anna. I'm here to help you get off the sidelines and build you into becoming your most healthiest, capable, confident self.

Put aside the excuses and start saying "YES"


Trudi Miles

I have been going to FIF for about 2 years. I love the early morning get up and go, working up a sweat with the others. I am feeling stronger and fitter at 53 than I ever have which is allowing me to be active on many levels. Any holiday for me now has to include some sort of physical adventure. Thanks to Anna and the team who have encouraged and supported me along the way. I have learned a lot.


Anne Marie Guiney

"It has made a big difference to my cycling! Usually after an event I can’t face a run for a week or more but now I can comfortably walk afterwards. You can see the definition in my quads and I have grown more powerful in my cycling from my training with Fitness is Fun."

Marlena Prentice

I've enjoyed getting back into exercise. As you know, I'm not much of a morning person but getting it out of the way is the best for me. I've finally started to shift some pounds and to get my fitness to a level where I can join in with the crazy sat runners is great. I'm stronger and running further and better than I ever imagined and its all thx to Anna Armstrong, crew, and all you lovely ladies!!!