Are you sick of wasting time on workouts that don’t improve your fitness? Finding running hard, painful or lonely? Wondering what to look for in a trainer?

We are a running-focussed fitness group of women like you who want to run faster and further without injury. You’ll benefit from a whole-body approach to training, combining running technique, weight training and mobility exercises to build strength and stamina. And you’ll work with trainers who take the time to understand you, your limitations and your aspirations so you reach your full potential.

Motivating yourself to run can be a challenge. Tiredness, sore muscle or old injuries might be putting you off. Not having anyone to run with or doing the same routes over and over again can be boring and lonely. We get this - we’re runners too.

But we also know how to make it FUN. Join us and you’ll build the strength and endurance you need to feel lighter and faster on your feet. You’ll learn how to minimise muscle soreness and work around injuries. And you’ll experience how good it feels to train as part of a team.

Your running is guaranteed to improve and you might just make friends too.


“I value the community feel of the other women in the group and how I've gotten to know them over the years. I also like that it's just a 'part of my life' now. I ADORE the events we do together. I know I wouldn't have tried half the events we have solo.


One thing I value a lot is that I need to be inspired by the trainers, and surrounded by other women who push me and are fitter and stronger than me, so that I have something to aim towards. A trainer needs to be totally knowledgeable, with good experience in personal training and with lots of experience in the field, but also inspirational. Anna is like that.”

- Jody Ann Krishan


Fitness is Fun isn’t just a training programme; it’s a community of like-minded women and ready-made friends. Join us and you’ll get:

  • Seven fitness sessions a week to choose from, making it easy to fit your training around other commitments, and choose how often you want to train each week;

  • Dedicated movement class for newbies so you learn how to engage your muscles correctly for fundamental exercises like squats and dead lifts;

  • Specifically tailored exercises for runners, as well as tips and techniques that will improve your performance;

  • Stretching and mobility exercises in every workout to help you minimise injuries out running and increase your range of motion which gives you a feeling of lightness and flexibility;

  • Small group training so you get the attention you need, and allows us to get to know you, which means you get pushed to your best abilities, and gives you confidence in us;

  • Individualised training exercises to help you work around an injury or towards a specific goal which means you can keep training with us;

  • Social running groups so you can put what you’ve learnt into practice;

  • Intensity and rest when you need it, so that your body responds as well as possible to training.

You can also take part in group events throughout the year giving you the opportunity to motivate and encourage your team mates and explore some beautiful locations around New Zealand!

Are you ready to run faster, stronger and longer? 

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us here and we'll get you on the road to a fitter, happier version of you in no time. 

Guarantee - We don’t take any payment for the first two weeks, and if you decide in the first 30 days that it’s not for you we’ll give you a full refund.

So what are you waiting for? 

Hamilton, New Zealand
email: anna.a_pt@yahoo.co.nz

Tel: 021 296 2798