Accomplish more by becoming an efficient, resilient runner

Our next Run workshop is on the 27 August 

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Fitness is Fun's owner Anna Armstrong

There are many types of runners out there.

The plodder.  The one that always gets injured.  And the one that trains hard but isn’t sure how to beat their Personal Best.


If you’re constantly battling with your conscience telling you, “I can’t run that far” or “I can’t run that fast”, then our run workshop is for you!

No more feeling intimidated by the fast runners while you remain at the back of the pack. Let’s learn the techniques and skills you can apply straight away to get you running efficiently and effectively, without training harder.


Sunday 27th August

1pm - 3pm


Kindy Totz, Coleman St Queenwood 


$55 per person

Early Bird $50

or take our quiz to find out more about your run style and impacts it has on your running

What does the running workshop entail?

The focus of this 2-hour workshop is to give you the tools you need to run easily by learning to flow with gravity by using the least amount of energy.

It covers an introduction of the Pose Method running technique where through drills and exercises you'll learn about posing, falling, and pulling. Learn how to make your body move more freely the way it's designed to and reap the benefits of a more effortless run.

This workshop is a great introduction for those looking to improve their running or a refresher for those who have already done a Fitness is Fun run workshop. 

No matter whether your goal is to run 5km or a half marathon, or more, our combination of technique drills, mobility, and strength work will help you run more efficiently and faster, and will reduce the chance of injury.

Why do some people PLOD and others run effortlessly?

 Find out what you doing that is slowing you down and making running feel hardwork

What is the #1 thing slowing your running down?

Julia Porter

"When my knee was killing me in the last 10km of running, I started using your running style and instantly my knee pain disappeared. I could NOT believe it! Where had this been all my running life?! I used to have the worst hamstring cramps and knee pain. You are a lifesaver! Not just to practise it so that it becomes natural."

Jody Krishnan

" One time I really noticed how the Run technique Anna teaches really clicked for me was when I was doing interval training. I powered through the fast intervals and relaxed and focused on technique during the rest, when I looked down at my watch and the results I actually saw was that I was running equal and even faster during my rest periods. When the technique felt easier and less effort I was actually running faster!!"