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"There are many reasons why we should exercise, but if you're not having fun whilst doing it, you'll never stick to it." - Anna Armstrong

Fitness is Fun's owner Anna Armstrong

Hi! I'm Anna. I'm here to teach all there is to know about running, because believe me, there is a whole lot more to it than just hitting the pavement.

You see, like most people, for years I thought running was nothing more than literally that. Going out for a run. It's the only exercise I ever new and something I've always done. 
I hated the gym scene, and big muscles were not my thing (totally impractical right?!). So ten years ago, bored of just running the streets, I decided to look for ways to spark things up in my fitness regime. 
And do you know what I found? 

The fundamentals that Fitness is Fun has been built on. 

I knew there were people out there like me (and like you!) who are sick of struggling to run. Whether it's the pain (knees, feet, back, hips - you name it!), or the struggling to breath, or the motivation and confidence to give it a go, no one wants to feel this way.


When you become a part of Fitness is Fun, you join a community of like-minded individuals, looking to create confidence, strength, speed and endurance. 

Your running is guaranteed to improve and you might just make friends too.

Running should be pain-free, easy, and fun. If you want to learn to go further, faster, and become stronger, come and work with us.

Join us and you’ll build the strength and endurance you need to feel lighter and faster on your feet. You’ll learn how to minimise injuries. And you’ll experience how good it feels to train as part of a team. 

Want to ditch the "run - injury - rehab" cycle?
Check out the best ways to work with me:

Why do some people PLOD and others run effortlessly?

 Find out what you doing that is slowing you down and making running feel hardwork

What is the #1 thing slowing your running down?

How to Comfortably Run Further and Faster without injury


Strength training for runners

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Run Technique Workshop

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Trudi Miles

I have been going to FIF for about 2 years. I love the early morning get up and go, working up a sweat with the others. I am feeling stronger and fitter at 53 than I ever have which is allowing me to be active on many levels. Any holiday for me now has to include some sort of physical adventure. Thanks to Anna and the team who have encouraged and supported me along the way. I have learned a lot.

Jody Ann Krishnan

I love FIF. It's an awesome supportive environment where you can start at any level, feel successful at that level and be inspired to reach for the next level. My injuries have all but stopped and if I feel a niggle Anna you and Philippa are there to give me tips to ease it. Mornings are the only way for me to stay committed and I love all the variety that works towards a common goal. I could go on and on really. Not an exercise group for me anymore just a bunch of great friends who happen to exercise!

Marlena Prentice

I've enjoyed getting back into exercise. As you know, I'm not much of a morning person but getting it out of the way is the best for me. I've finally started to shift some pounds and to get my fitness to a level where I can join in with the crazy sat runners is great. I'm stronger and running further and better than I ever imagined and its all thx to Anna Armstrong, crew, and all you lovely ladies!!!