run faster in six weeks

Practice technique tips and cues to make you run faster, while doing your speed efforts for the week. Speed workouts plus technique, equals faster running easier.

next intake starts:

wednesday 8   may 2019


session details


When: 6am,  every

Wednesday for six-weeks

starting 8 May, 2019

Cost: $10 per week

($60 in total) 

Where: Pardoa Blvd, Chartwell,  in the parking lot by Volare Bakery

what you'll walk away with

The focus of these Wednesday Run Sessions is to get you running easier and faster. An introduction to our Run Technique workshop, I will give you tips to focus on as you do your speed effort workout.


We all know we try harder and run faster in a group, so all levels are welcome as we adjust distance, repetitions and time to suit where you're at with your running.


Discover your next gear - I've heard so many people laugh when I talk about running faster efforts to improve their overall speed as they believe they only have ONE pace (aka plodding). If you give me your last event time, I can give you the corresponding speeds you should be able to run, 1km, 5km, 10km and even longer.

These session are for you if:

  • if you believe you only have one pace

  • if you want to beat a 2-hour half marathon time

  • you used to be fast and like me have had to put your running on hold due to having kids and now want to regain some of that pace

  • if you want that extra push and know you train harder with others. 

No matter whether your goal is to run 5km or a half marathon, our combination of technique drills, mobility and speed work will help you become a fitter, faster, stronger runner without interference from injury.

i'm ready

hi, i'm anna

I struggled for years to get the running results I was after and knew there must be a better way to run train. After 6 years of experience and research as a certified personal trainer & run coach, I've found the perfect balance.

Fitness is Fun is a bootcamp style programme based in Hamilton tailored to suit those interested in run training. It combines strength and speed training with stretching and mobility to prevent injury.  It's a fun and social way of training that helps people to become fitter, faster, stronger runners. 

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julia porter

"When my knee was killing me in the last 10km of running, I started using your running style and instantly my knee pain disappeared. I could NOT believe it! Where had this been all my running life?! I used to have the worst hamstring cramps and knee pain. You are a lifesaver! Not just to practise it so that it becomes natural."

kerry duffy

“I love the atmosphere and I know I get more from group training than I would going to the gym by myself. I put in more effort and although there are a few people, the trainers all understand our capabilities and if we try to be slack, they push us to run further or lift heavier weights. I love the variety, sometimes we run, sometimes we do weights, sometimes we do both. I love being outdoors and we train rain, hail or shine."

about us

Fitness is Fun isn’t just a training programme; it’s a community of like-minded, busy women who:

  • Enjoy running (no matter what distance)

  • Have a goal to become better, faster, stronger runners

  • Are ready to ditch the injuries and pain

  • Are looking to add more to their run training programme

Fitness is Fun bridges the gap for runners, allowing them to enjoy running, we know you will get out and run, we supply the strength training to build the body strong enough to go the distance, the mobility so the joints can move freely as intended and the motivation and social side needed when it all gets a bit repetitive. 

When it comes to the training, we provide varied, enjoyable workouts, that are tailored to suit your needs. Our small group sessions mean our knowledgeable trainers can focus on giving you the attention you need, it allows us to get to know you, and push you to your best abilities. Our sessions are a mix of high intensity and strength, mobility and stretching and fundamental movements. 


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