Put a spring in

your running step 


Starts 15 October 2018



Fitness is Fun isn’t just a training programme; it’s a community of every day, like-minded, busy people who:

- Enjoy running (no matter what distance)

- Want to learn to run better, faster, stronger

- Are ready to ditch the injuries and pain

- Are looking to add MORE and some FUN to their run training programme


Fitness is Fun bridges the gap for every day runners - enjoy running with the motivation, support, prevention and fixing of injuries, with the support and knowledge of our group, giving you the confidence needed to run further and faster.

When it comes to the training, we provide varied, enjoyable workouts, that are tailored to suit your needs. Our small group sessions mean our knowledgeable trainers can focus on giving you the attention you need, it allows us to get to know you, and push you to your best abilities. Our sessions are a mix of high intensity and strength, mobility and stretching, and fundamental movements. 



“I love the atmosphere and I know I get more from group training than I would going to the gym by myself. I put in more effort and although there are a few people, the trainers all understand our capabilities, if we try to be slack they push us to run further or lift heavier weights. I love the variety, sometimes we run, sometimes we do weights, sometimes we do both. I love being outdoors and we train rain, hail or shine."
- Kerry Duffy

"I keep coming to the group as I like the fact that no 2 sessions are the same. I like going into robot mode & just doing what I'm told for an hour - block all life's stressors out for that time! I like the fact there are so many sessions during the week to choose from. The ladies in the group are always encouraging & we have a laugh at the same time. I have lost weight, gained strength & self confidence. Thanks Anna."

- Kirsten Bidois


As part of the 8 Week Challenge you'll receive: 


  • A Fitness is Fun membership for 8 weeks

  • Pre and post fitness testing

  • Access to unlimited training sessions each week (timetable here)

  • Weekly challenges with prizes

  • A private Facebook group to keep you motivated and engaged with fellow participants


But so much more than that, are the results and benefits you'll see when you join us. 


When you join the 8 Week Challenge, you're joining a group of people who are all braving the cold just like you, because they're committed to reaching their goals. When you feel like skipping a session or two, you'll have this awesome support group encouraging you to stick to it.

Our expert trainers will ensure your workouts match your level of fitness and ability, and you will love the variety and options. They're also there to answer questions you might have, and support you throughout this journey.

And hey, you may just make friends too.


Whether you're a social runner, an elite runner, a jogger, or just getting used to pounding the pavement, we cater to all levels of fitness and ability. You'll learn how to make the most of your runs, so that you're loving the time you spend outside, instead of struggling to breath and dreading the minutes. 


$28 per week

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us here and we'll get you on the road to a fitter, happier version of you in no time. 

Early bird ends Monday 24 September 2018.


What are you waiting for? 

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