Below is a list of services we offer, please make contact to discuss what would work for you. 

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Train with the guidance of experienced Personal Trainers, Train with the structured program to build your running career, Train with the motivation, inspiration and support of awesome people around you. $31 a week 

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Do you want to learn more about running? Do you have a dream you would like to achieve? 

Do you find running difficult, breathing, sore knees, aching hips? 


Running is actually a skill!! like any other sport, there is the technique you can learn to make running feel easy and natural.


From first time runners to seasoned athletes, if you have a goal you want to get too, let us prepare a map

for you to get there. There are so many benefits to running, for health, bones, stress, and self-achievement.


Cost from $60 2HR WORKSHOP


Taking our Community to be more accessible, started during our Lockdown period we tried and tested keeping the heart of Fitness is Fun going from home.
Our goals being to help Mental Health, Physical Health, fun and motivation. Getting people feeling good about themselves by being connected, doing exercise and getting outdoors.
Gaining all the benefits we offer in the Face to Face bootcamps but with the flexibility to do them from home.
Pricing:  $15p/week 
Fitness is fun Personal Training Hamilton NZ


 Get 1 on 1 training, Training to suit you.


What motivates you? What style of training do you enjoy? What is holding you back? Personal Training that is planned with you in mind, your availability, working towards your goals will get the results you are looking for.


Pricing :

- $75 1 hr


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