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But wait, don't just go out there and smash yourself, these are the things you need to structure into your training for efficient and pain free running. 
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Whether you're just getting back into running, or you're looking to increase your distance or stop those reoccurring injuries, take your running to the next level with this intensive 2-hour weekend run technique workshop.

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Run Technique Workshop

with Fitness is Fun expert Anna Armstrong


Learn to COMFORTABLY run FURTHER and FASTER without the pain and boredom 

Sunday 7th August 9am-11am

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The focus of this 2-hour workshop is to give you the tools you need to you run easily - learning to flow with gravity and how to use the least amount of energy.

It covers an introduction to the Pose Method running technique where you'll learn how to Pose, Fall and Pull through drills and exercises. Learn how to make your body move freely and how it's designed to move.

This is a great introduction workshop for those looking to improve their running or refresher for those who have already done a Fitness is Fun run workshop. 


No matter whether your goal is to run 5km or a half marathon, our combination of technique drills, mobility and speed work will help you become a fitter, faster, stronger runner without interference from injury.


Natalie  Richards

kim saunders

I did an 8km run on Saturday and really concentrated on toes first (no baby elephant!) and keeping a shorter stride and quicker cadence.  My first 1km was the fastest I’ve ever done, and I felt really light….it was an amazing feeling! I was also amazed at how good I felt at the end.  Body wasn’t tired or sore, I felt I could have kept going for longer. The other think I noted was the thumbs up so I wasn’t twisting.


Fitness is Fun isn’t just a training programme; it’s a community of like-minded, busy women who:

  • Enjoy running (no matter what distance)

  • Have a goal to become better, faster, stronger runners

  • Are ready to ditch the injuries and pain

  • Are looking to add more to their run training programme

Fitness is Fun bridges the gap for runners, allowing them to enjoy running with the motivation, support, prevention and fixing of injuries; giving you the confidence needed to run further and faster.

When it comes to the training, we provide varied, enjoyable workouts, that are tailored to suit your needs. Our small group sessions mean our knowledgeable trainers can focus on giving you the attention you need, it allows us to get to know you, and push you to your best abilities. Our sessions are a mix of high intensity and strength, mobility and stretching and fundamental movements. 

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and learn how to COMFORTABLY run FURTHER, and FASTER 

Pay Now and save $10 

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