Just to show it is not only the trainers who enjoy our sessions, here is what the hardworking participants have to say:


Anna rocks. She knows how to push me to my limit but make it so I love doing it everytime. She helps me stay accountable for my fitness routine and most importantly keeps me on track to where I want to be. Would recommend her,especially if you want to enjoy your fitness time

Emma Wright






I have had the best time training with Anna. She makes the hour go extremly fast and leaves the group feeling accomplished with smiles on their faces. 
The flexibility of the sessions you attend (morning or night) and number of times you attend (many or few) fit in with everybody - would recommend to everyone!

Rebecca Churton

My 8 week story: My journey with Anna started about 6-8 weeks ago. I was introduced to Anna through the lovely Angela, who I attended High School with and met up with at a running workshop (I like to challenge and embarrass myself by attending these type of workshops). After quitting smoking in November 2014 I made a goal to do my first triathlon @ Trimaori in November 2015 (as a group). 3 weeks after the workshop I finally attended my first session with Anna and boy did my body get a wake up call……it hurt in places I never knew existed, I felt like I was close to death many times (possibly over exaggerating here). 
My first 3-4 weeks were tough, mentally and physically. I spent a bit of time at the chiropractor because of my choices to neglect my body for the last 15+ years, my shoulders and neck were screaming at me. I could have quit so easily, but then I would see Anna’s posts to the group, checking who was coming and I’d jump back on the bandwagon. Yes I could have ignored her posts, Yes I could have made up multiple reasons not to go (kids, feeling sick or dog ate my homework lol) but none of these were going to benefit me or my family. I had to constantly remind myself about how good I was going to feel after the session. 
I remember Anna saying to me one night “Kerry, you are so motivated tonight”. My response was “If you saw the number on the scale that I saw, you would be motivated as well”. Anna told me to take my measurements and photos and gave me a few tips on my diet. I took my measurements and photos (not sharing here) and also made some changes to my diet. My weight has not moved but today I re-measured and have lost 8cms from my tummy, 1cm from my arms, 1cm from thighs. How I feel far outweighs my weight. My jeans fit better, parts of my body are less jiggly and the rolls are getting smaller. I have a new respect for burpees, mountain climbers, weights and correct technique. Running is still a killer and I still run at walking pace, but I know I can’t have everything and that may change in time. I still get sore after sessions, but Anna would say “it is just your muscles saying hello” (my muscles used to yell hello, less of the yelling these days)
8 weeks ago I was scared shitless and didn’t think I could actually make the group triathlon, now I am still scared but I am far more confident that I will finish a sprint triathlon as an individual. I won’t be the fastest (I may even be the slowest), but I am determined to Start and Finish no matter what the “number/time” may be. 
I will be running in my first event at the Rotorua Ekiden this weekend with a wonderful group of people from Anna’s training groups. It will be my longest run at 5.88km. I have also entered Round the Bridges 6km in Hamilton the weekend before Trimaori.
Thank you Angela for introducing me to ‘Fitness is fun’. Thank you Anna for your gentle pushes, your indepth knowledge and your friendly, smily, non judging face. Thank you to those who attend group training, your smiling/grimacing faces keep me coming back and make me strive to be a better me. You are all inspiring and motivating 
“It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger!!”

Kerry Duffy

“I absolutely love Anna's Training Camps. Each block I'm getting fitter and stronger and have gone from someone who hates exercise, to someone who really enjoys the training sessions. Every session is different, you never get bored and you're constantly challenging yourself. I love them and will keep on coming. Anna is full of energy and enthusiasm and is always willing to help us out”​
Hannah Porter​

“Most fun I have ever had in a training group!”​
Tracy Boyd

“Highly enjoyable experience - my first time doing something like this and found it a great way to meet others and really test where my fitness level is. Amazing how quickly your fitness improves and all the exercises are easily tailored to every level of fitness. Really enjoyed the smallish group so you got good time with Anna to ask all sorts of questions.”​
Denise Turton


“Anna's training camps are fantastic. Every session is different and you always come out feeling like you have achieved something. Anna is excellent at getting you to work to the best of your ability and helps you to increase your abilities. Attending these camps have seen my fitness, strength and determination increase to the point that I'm setting running goals for myself, something I never thought I'd ever do. Hard work but a lot of fun, I highly recommend Anna's training camps”​
Sarah Fitzpatrick


" Anna Armstrong has been my trainer for just over a year and I've seen amazing results not just on the scales, but also with my confidence, with Anna I have lost over 10kgs and I am inches away from my  target weight. Without Anna I wouldn't have achieved wiat I have so far, she is an awesome motivator and pushes me to my limits. 

Anna always goes the extra mile to make sure I'm on track with my exercises and eating plan. I wouldn't have anyoneelse as my trainer. Anna is by far the best of the best.

Josephine Hokai