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Run Easily with Strength Training ebook

In this guide you'll learn:
Through my work as a personal trainer and run coach, I know where people go wrong with their run training. Most of the time it can lead to injury and prevention of training which causes people to fall out of love with running.  

I want you to love running as much as I do. My Run Easily with Strength Training Guide outlines why runners should be strength training & what you need to be doing to become a faster, fitter, stronger runner. 

This book is  your guide of where to focus your strength training and why., where you are going wrong and what you need to do. I fundamentally believe anyone can love running. Running is a skill and runners need to learn that to run faster, further and painfree you need to more than just running."

Anna Armstrong - Founder and Owner of Fitness is Fun


Learn How Strength Will Revolutionise Your Run Training

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Stop the vicious cycle of: Run, Injury, Rehab, Repeat