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Name: Anne-Marie

When did you join FIF: September 2015

Biggest change in myself physically: Cardio Fitness has increased, love the HiiT style of training. Anna’s experience and expertise with technique across a broad range of genres means I’m much more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and of isolating the correct muscles when performing exercises.

Biggest change mentally: I always thought I wasn’t a Morning Person, yet twice a week I’m up at 5.30am to join a group of other like-minded people for a hard and fast work out. I love that I’m home just after 7am, exercise done and dusted for the day, ready to get the kids up for school and myself off to work. After competing in a Bodybuilding competition in 2014, I struggled to ‘enjoy’ exercise – I’d forgotten how to exercise for fun. Anna’s Fitness is Fun training groups are exactly that – we laugh, encourage and support each other. I’ve remembered how to enjoy exercise again, and love feeling fit.

What is your favourite FIF moment: Being part of the Ekidon Rotorua relay with the team was memorable, so much encouragement and support! I love that Anna encourages us to partake in events, as having something to work towards is always beneficial in staying motivated to train. FIF is just part of my lifestyle now, and I can’t imagine my weeks without it.

What is something you have gained from being part of FIF: Friendship, fitness, increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, a better understanding of muscle isolation and exercise technique. I have gained an excellent balance between nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. I felt I had lost some perspective on this. I’ve also gained a captive audience for my crazy stories and bad jokes!

What are your hobbies or interests outside of FIF: Eating and sleeping! Hehehe! We are a busy family, so my spare time seems to be taken up with my children’s activities. I love spending time with husband and family and friends, preferably with good food and a nice pinot noir nearby!

Most memorable workout: There are so many! I love working with weights, and enjoy any strength and endurance workouts. The one we did in torrential rain was surprisingly fun!

Least Favourite workable: Push me, pull you. I know I need to do to get better, but it is so hard!

Any advice for people just getting started: Just do it! Someone once told me the hardest part about ‘going to the gym’ is actually going to the gym – once you’re there, you love it. And I agree - the hardest part is when the alarm goes off and you really want to snuggle down under the duvet and ignore it. I remind myself how good I will feel in an hour and a bit, and how, if it don’t go, I will regret it and wish I had! I lay all my clothes out the night before, shoes, tights, socks etc, so I can literally just stumble out of bed and get dressed. And sure enough, once I’m there, I love it – it’s my happy place. If you can talk a friend into coming along with you, great, but if not – well, it’s your body, your journey, your health. Only you can make the change. And we are so friendly!

There are 24 hours in a day – life is so busy with work and family. I figure I deserve one hour out of 24 that is for me. Fitness is Fun is just that.

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