Spring is here! Let’s take your exercise outdoors.

It is the time of year when days are getting longer and warming up, which should motivate and excite you to get outdoors. It is time to mix up your routine. There are so many advantages to training outside and it’s not just about the beautiful scenery.

So strap on your trainers and let’s take it outside.

Benefits to training outdoors:

  1. Sunshine – Vitamin D provided most simply by exposure to the sun has great benefits, such as improving bone strength, strengthening your immune system and improving your mood. Research is being done right now, around people, and especially kids, not getting enough Vitamin D and potentially needing to be given it as a Vitamin. Easily solved folks – do what you can outside each day. Find opportunities to be outside such as when you exercise, eat lunch or take a walk outdoors.

  2. Mental stimulation – The changing surroundings excite and stimulate the brain, increasing brain power and clarity. It’s not something that can be matched by being indoors, and surrounded by the same four walls. Training Al Fresco forces you to be creative, break out of ruts and use your body how it is meant to be used. Let loose like a child.

  3. Psychological benefits – Going outside draws you away from the stressors and distractions of daily life. It is easier to get out of your head and be mindful of your surroundings, reducing anxiety and depression and giving you a healthy mood boost.

  4. Health benefits – The simple act of getting outdoors, breathing fresh air outdoors, brings in higher oxygen levels increasing energy, giving you great brain clarity, helping digestion, and increasing serotonin which makes you feel refreshed and relaxed.

  5. More varied workouts – as well as the brilliant benefits above, simple and free added bonuses to your regular days, outdoor training creates conditions that cannot be fully simulated in the gym. Working outdoors you will hit hills, concrete, grass, sand and mud, keeping your body guessing, stimulated and adapting to the contours of the terrain.

Varied exercise outside means you are more likely to work your body in new and different ways bringing additional muscle and balance improvements unachievable in the gym.

Want to kick-start your outdoor exercise regime? Come and try Fitness is Fun Outdoor Training camps in Central Hamilton. You can train with us up to four times per week for 60 minute sessions. We’ll support you and give you advice on what to do outside the sessions for additional exercise and health gains, and we can even build you up to do team running and obstacle events.

Contact Anna Armstrong to find out more or to sign up for a trial.

Email: anna.a_pt@yahoo.co.nz

Phone: 021 296 2798

For session times and more info click here.

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