The Benefits of group training with Fitness is Fun

The benefits of group training with Fitness is Fun

Why Fitness is Fun is for you.

The inspiration behind Fitness is Fun group trainings are from the improvements I gained from a similar group training I joined in Auckland 6 years ago. My running got faster, my mind got stronger, I met a great group of people, my enthusiasm in circuit and run training grew and I had a great time.

Training in a group provides a social and fun environment, to complete a safe and effective workout.

Most of us know we should be doing exercise to feel good, to improve health and well being, but where to start. The group training provides a planned programme, a accountability and means to get you exercising. All you have to do is to turn up with a positive attitude, and a willingness to participate and have fun.

Training in a group gives you always someone to bench mark against, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and within a group there are inspirational people to lift and challenge you to try your best.

The accountability, building a relationship with others, we notice when you are away. The fear of missing out, when others are all there and you don’t want to miss out on a good workout, or be left behind as others are improving.

Improvement to running speed, often people arrive and feel they have one pace, slow, steady and often heavy runs makes up their one pace, by attending the Fitness is Fun sessions we do interval and shorter distances, and you run against others who challenge your speed, lifting your pace.

Build self confidence, mixing with others who are all supportive, putting yourself against others you gain confidence in your abilities, learn good technique so you feel confident in your abilities. Making fitness friends and being part of a group, brings you together with new circles of friends, fitness also brings out the best in most people as you feel good about yourself.

Often overlooked in training on our own is a effective warmup, mobility and stretching. Technique and form is essential to be aware of to prevent injuries, to get the most out of exercises and to get stronger.

Come along and meet the team, give it a go and see if this is for you too.

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