The Post Event Blues

The post event blues.

After months of focus and determination building up to a event, every spare minute and lots of minutes you didn't have been taken up with training, stretching, massage, and recovering all around a full time job and family.

You get to the event the excitement, the tension has built, all that training for this moment, the buzz, and the people.

Then you cross the finish, exhaustion, the elation, the emotion.

Waking up the next day, it is over, the feeling of lost, even depression, relax this is actually normal, it is like the day after Christmas, or any other big event in your life, a sense of accomplishment but also loss of purpose, that and you are tired and had a large release of endorphins.

How to handle it, what to do?

Take a few weeks off, do not feel guilty about it, and take a little time to recover.

After 3-4 weeks, then run or exercise for fun, take the pressure off, start slowly do it with friends and without a programme. Don't leave it too long otherwise it gets too hard to get started again, remember why you run and exercise, and choose something new to motivate you some thing short term and smaller and get back on a sense of purpose.

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